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Consultancy Plans

Welcome to a Tailored Consultation Experience!

At Alpha Story, we understand that your enterprise is unique, and so should be your consultancy subscription plan. Our Enterprise Consultancy Subscription is designed to offer a personalised touch, ensuring that every aspect of your brand communication aligns seamlessly with your goals and values.


US $489 / Month

(6-Months Subscription Plan)

Customised Strategic PR Plan With Senior Consultant

  • Begin your journey with a 45-minutes personalised onboarding experience led by your dedicated Senior Consultant.
  • Specifically tailored media list upon onboarding to ensure relevance with your brand identity and industry niche.
  • Guided story development sessions, where your Senior Consultant offers prompt suggestions to ensure your narratives spark meaningful media coverage.
  • Comprehensive brand analysis and exploration to unearth the essence of your unique brand story.

Post Outreach Analysis

  • Gain exclusive insights through a customised analysis of your campaign, focusing on metrics that matter most to your enterprise.
  • Receive strategic recommendations and adjustments to your PR plan, finely tuned to drive future success aligned with your business goals.

Unlimited Story Generation

4 Consultant Story Reviews

3 Customised Journalist Promotion

3 Guaranteed Stories

Journalist Hub Access

Self-Serve Plans

At Alpha Story, we recognise the diverse needs of enterprises seeking to shape their narratives.

Our Self-Serve Plan offers a flexible and empowering solution for those who prefer a hands-on approach to their communication strategies. With our self-serve model, you have the autonomy to curate your narrative journey while benefiting from our expertise and resources.


US $0


No Virtual PR Consultant Strategic Session

No Customised PR Strategy Plan

No Follow-up Analysis

1 Story Generation

No Consultant Story Review

No Customised Journalist Promotion

No Guaranteed Stories

No Journalist Hub Access


US $42

per month for 12 months

No Virtual PR Consultant Strategic Session

No Customised PR Strategy Plan

No Follow-up Analysis

2 Story Generation per Month

1 Consultant Story Review

1 Customised Journalist Promotion

1 Guaranteed Stories

Journalist Hub Access


US $75

per month for 12 months

No Virtual PR Consultant Strategic Session

No Customised PR Strategy Plan

No Follow-up Analysis

Unlimited Story Generation

2 Consultant Story Review

2 Customised Journalist Promotion

2 Guaranteed Stories

Journalist Hub Access

Customised Strategic PR Plan With Senior Consultant

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our Customized Strategic PR Plan, guided by a seasoned Senior Consultant. Kickstart your journey with a focused 45-minute onboarding session, setting the stage for success. Receive a curated media list, meticulously tailored to resonate with your brand's identity and industry niche.

Benefit from guided story development sessions, receiving immediate, expert advice to craft narratives that captivate the media. Dive deep into a comprehensive brand analysis, uncovering and articulating the core of your unique brand story. This strategic approach is designed to amplify your presence and ensure your message makes a profound impact.

Post Outreach Analysis

Elevate and evaluate your campaign's effectiveness with our Post Outreach Analysis benefit. Delve into a custom analysis that zeroes in on the key performance metrics crucial to your enterprise's objectives.

Armed with strategic recommendations and data-driven adjustments, fine-tune your PR initiatives to steer towards sustained success that aligns seamlessly with your business ambitions.

Story Generation

"Story Generation" on our platform quantifies the frequency with which you can harness the creative capabilities of our Alpha Story AI to produce fresh narratives.

With our different pricing plans, you'll have the freedom to generate a new story as often as your needs require, enabling limitless creative possibilities and narrative exploration. This feature empowers you to unlock the full potential of our AI-driven storytelling, ensuring a constant flow of engaging content.

Consultant Story Review

During a "Consultant Review Round," our Alpha Story consultant plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality and appeal of your generated story. They meticulously evaluate your content to address any grammatical errors, ensuring that it maintains the highest standards of professionalism and readability.

Additionally, our consultant's expertise is leveraged to enrich your narrative, making it more captivating and engaging for journalists and readers alike. This added layer of human touch guarantees that your content stands out and meets the expectations of both your audience and the media.

Customised Journalist Promotion

When you submit a story for journalist outreach, our platform takes care of the strategic dissemination process. Your story will be precisely distributed to a meticulously curated media list.

This list is customized based on the specific scope and industry of your business. This tailored approach ensures that your story reaches the most relevant and receptive journalists, maximizing the potential for media coverage. By aligning the distribution with the nature of your content and your industry, we optimize your outreach efforts, increasing the likelihood of successful media placements.

Published Story Guarantee

At Alpha Story, our commitment is to guarantee that your investment is never in vain. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every effort you put in results in a tangible return.

With our service, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will secure a minimum of one published story from a reputable media outlet. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to making sure that your story finds its place in the media landscape, granting you the exposure and recognition you deserve.

Journalist Hub Access

Journalist Hub Access allows you to engage directly with journalists through the platform. The Journalist Hub provides access for you to publish and showcase your stories to journalists.

Additionally, on the hub, you can interact with journalists and participate in journalist blasts and requests, which are media requests where journalists seek specific information or sources for their stories. This increased interaction and engagement offer you more opportunities to get your stories noticed and disseminated widely, enhancing the reach and impact of your content.

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