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Mapping Out Hidden Food Gems, FoodCravr Answers the Classic Singaporean Question: “Eat what ah?

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So you’re hosting dinner soon and confronted by the classic Singaporean question: “Eat what ah?”. Suddenly, you remember a friend raving about this stay-home mom’s amazing dishes which he ordered before - perfect for what you need!

The catch? Your friend isn’t her direct contact. She’s unsearchable online and you’d need to bother multiple contacts to reach this elusive person. You give up and opt for expensive caterers instead, while that lady just lost a potential customer.

If that was a familiar frustration, you’re in good company with FoodCravr. The tech founder, Ash, knew that word of Home-Based Businesses (HBBs) was buzzing around, but found it hard to gain access to them. He realised that for many of these passionate micro-business owners, only those in their closest circles tend to be their only customers.

And it’s not by choice. Many of these owners either lack knowledge of brand awareness marketing, or just don’t have the time and resources to invest in it.

Thus was born FoodCravr: a platform that allows any food businesses, even the smallest ones working out of their home kitchens, to list themselves and be easily found by local food hunters.

Through a simple setup process, owners get full control over their business’s listing page on the platform. This allows them to showcase their brand accurately with images or product information unhindered by customer curation. The platform also equips owners with useful tracked data on their listings that help indicate their business performance.

On the flip side of the platform, users get to discover hidden food gems with filter metrics like location, cuisine, and dietary preferences. It also seamlessly allows for user reviews, building a community-like experience among fellow Singaporean foodies.

While the idea of helping HBBs gain visibility may have first sparked the platform, FoodCravr aspires to be the preferred app for food hunting among physical eateries as well. It’s no secret that other crowdsourced directory apps exist, however, none quite cater specifically to a food niche that includes HBBs — yet.

FoodCravr has already cooked up a storm in Singapore, having onboarded 88 listings in just a matter of months and steadily drawing 600+ new monthly users. They have hopes to expand to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, all of which are known for their rich food scenes. Their big vision? To transform the way local foodies, food influencers and even tourists alike discover and enjoy food anywhere in the world.

On that note, we’d like to invite you to reach out to Ash, founder of FoodCravr, who can share more about:

  • The secret local food communities that live right under our noses, including the untold stories behind some of these HBB owners
  • FoodCravr’s future plans for how to positively impact discoverability for smaller businesses

About FoodCravr

Launched in 2023, FoodCravr is a dynamic web-based food-centric platform. It allows users to search for food options easily with location and food preferences filters, while allowing businesses to list themselves on the platform easily. They have onboarded 88 businesses since launch, of which includes even Home-Based Businesses — a unique offering that is first-of-its-kind in their category.

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