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From Solo to Supported: Doerscircle Champions Self-Employment To Put The Individual First

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Did you know running a business is a lot more work than just providing a product or service? 60% of founders spend 60% to 80% of their time working on non-core tasks. That’s three to four days every week that these founders aren’t doing revenue-generating actions. Considering a staggering 48% of the global workforce is self-employed, currently 2.8 billion people and growing by the day, there’s a clear and present need for change. To provide support, and fast.

In Singapore, one startup is focused on this market segment. Doerscircle is the first platform of its kind, designed to champion, inspire, and empower self-employed individuals.

As a one-stop solution for this under-serviced community, the platform gives access to core business solutions, at prices normally unavailable to the individual. Helping “Independent Doers” to start smarter, grow faster and enjoy greater savings.

Doerscircle platform

Image: Doerscircle platform

Besides necessary services like insurance, Doerscircle covers essentials like coworking, incorporation, accounting, legal services, and more. They give discounted rates to members, leveraging on the collective buying power of its 75,000-member strong community. And it’s more than just savings. Members also get to enjoy networking, collaborating and upskilling opportunities. By building an all-encompassing support ecosystem, Doerscircle makes self-employment no longer a lonely business.

Fey Wong, founder and principal therapist of Humpty Dumpty Hypnotherapy discovered Doerscircle through social media. In her words:

“I found that it was a great platform to network and connect with like-minded people and business owners. I learned a lot from the masterclasses the platform provides. I think it's a good platform because as a small business, like my own, I can't possibly do everything on my own. So Doerscircle provides business solutions, from accounting, to PR to marketing, and these are really useful for businesses.

Doerscircle is rapidly expanding across Southeast Asia, with a goal of becoming the go-to platform for Independent Doers worldwide. In 2023, the member base grew 750% and their team added several exclusive partnerships to save members over $40,000 each year as they build their businesses.

On that note, we’d like to invite you to speak to Travis Bennett, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Doerscircle about these few points: teas.

  • In contrast to the benefits that employees receive from their organisations, why isn’t there a similar support system for entrepreneurs?
  • The challenge of establishing diverse hair care in Singapore, where the image of ‘healthy’ hair is straight and tempered
  • Could the government do more to support this community (beyond its’ current grants and incentives)?
  • What are the most common obstacles or struggles that entrepreneurs face that Doerscircle has helped to alleviate?

[About Doerscircle]

Doerscircle is the leading platform dedicated to supporting and empowering Independent Doers. With a community of over 75,000+ members worldwide, Doerscircle provides a one-stop solution for all the administrative needs of self-employed individuals, startups, founders, independent consultants, and freelancers. From negotiating better deals on essential services to offering a supportive community and upskilling opportunities, Doerscircle is committed to helping independent doers thrive. For more information, please visit

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