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Are Hangover Pills Just Fighting Fire with Fire? Nano Singapore Says No — And Has A 24-Ingredient Blend to Prove It

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Nano Singapore Alcohol Max Defenses

Image: Nano Singapore Alcohol Max Defense

Sports drinks, ginger-infused tea, good ol’ plain water — we each have hangover remedies that we absolutely swear by. But lately, Singaporeans have been opting for hangover pills, sparking widespread concerns on their effectiveness, long-term consequences, and chemical makeup.

Wellness innovation specialists Nano Singapore, however, believe they’ve cracked the code to a balanced remedy. They’ve developed a proprietary blend of a whopping 24 ingredients (an industry first!) that includes this:

Japanese Raisin Tree

Image: Japanese Raisin Tree

While it may look like a scraggly, hideous monstrosity, the Japanese raisin tree is one of the all-natural stars of the show in Nano’s hangover relief supplements, Alcohol Max Defense. It improves the body’s ability to break down alcohol, dispelling after-effects and toxic byproducts more quickly.

Japanese raisin also works in tandem with a host of other natural components that protect internal tissue against damage from alcoholic toxins, as well as reduce unpleasant after-effects like nausea and bloating. This ranges from antioxidant extracts such as milk thistle and the plant pigment, quercetin — right down to the traditional homemade cures prescribed by every auntie, like ginger and turmeric!

Nano’s nimble ability to select, fine-tune, and engineer an effective balance between organic ingredients and synthesised chemicals comes from deep-rooted experience in the natural health and wellness industry. The brand has won multiple awards for their all-natural approach to health and immunity boosters, having developed a collection of vitamins, supplements, and products for beauty and sports nutrition.

Their latest foray into the lifestyle wellness market, Nano’s hangover remedy maintains the same strict control as its other offerings — 100% formulated locally with manufacturers that have been screened for compliance with Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) regulatory guidelines.

To learn more about their proprietary technology and insights on the consumer supplement market, we’d like to invite you to speak with Jonathan Tan, Manager of Nano Singapore, on:

  • Public concerns on the effectiveness of hangover pills
  • The slippery slope of hangover remedies encouraging the over-consumption of alcohol — are Singaporeans consuming more alcohol and is it a concern?
  • The R&D process behind Nano’s products
  • Alcohol Max Defense’s industry-first blend of 24 ingredients — what they each are, why they were chosen, and how they work

About Nano Singapore:

Established in 2018, Nano Singapore is an award-winning wellness brand and one of the leaders in the local health supplements market. The core of the business lies in wellness innovation and a dedication to all-natural health solutions. Their in-house bestsellers include Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and Men's Vitality Formula, which have received awards from the likes of Beauty Insider and Reader’s Choice.

Nano Singapore’s full range of products are currently available for purchase on their website at; via online retailers like Fairprice, Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon Singapore, Guardian Website; or at Guardian Outlets Nationwide.

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